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BPM banking: requirements and prospects

The innovative technology of robotization of business processes is one of the most powerful tools of optimization of business processes today. The course of all wearisome, routine processes in any business area can be significantly improved thanks to it, and expenses on their maintenance are considerably reduced. All you need to do is to implement a proper BPM for banking sphere

However is it possible to use the technology of robotization without cautions? The banking sector, perhaps, concerns nearly most vulnerable from the point of view of the emergence of risks, considering specifics of bank activity. Besides, the quite reserved relation of bank IT divisions to various technical innovations which could interfere with the trouble-free operation of banking systems and already integrated corporate applications is well known.

Besides, how to be with safety issues? In the bank sphere they are relevant as in one another: it both information security, and safety of preservation of personal data, the safety of carrying out operations, etc. The slightest mistake can cost here very much – both in a money equivalent and in questions of the reputation of bank and trust to it from clients.

Because of such a high degree of financial and non-financial risks, the doubt can even creep in whether in general expediently let robots in the bank. But, despite quite fair questions and cautions, the technology of business process management not only is suitable for introduction in the banking sector but also already has managed to prove successful in this field and to show the first results encouraging for all skeptics. There has begun introduction of these systems in such world famous banks like HSBC, Credit Suisse, Citi, Deutsche Bank, and even the international groups Raiffeisen Bank International and BNP Paribas. Many other banking institutions worldwide are already today on the threshold of robotization and consider it as a powerful and really revolutionary instrument of positive changes in the banking business.

Exploring the Greatest Deals in Internet Marketing

Today, almost everyone sells something via the internet. The modern world would be lost without online marketing. The fact that you are reading this material now means you are ready to participate in e-commerce. No doubt, the information we share will help you.

Every day we face hundreds of hidden marketing tricks without even noticing them. They are part of our lives, so why not get the benefit of them?

Your website is intended for certain groups of users. The good news is that all people, irrespective of their intelligence and education, react in a similar way in a psychological aspect. The sales psychology applies to every person of any nationality and you need to improve your marketing skills to get good results in online marketing. The best Internet Marketers are well aware of this.

What are the most commonly used ecommerce tips that you can apply to your online store?

Emotional Impact – The practice of emotional marketing is to get your target group on your website to be emotionally related to the products or services you sell. Make people feel something. This is among the most difficult but effective sales factors. Humor as an emotional impact is successfully used in e-commerce. It creates a positive attitude towards your products or services.

Through humor, you can convey a message in an easy and comprehensible way. Product characteristics, recommendations for use and various items of products, almost everything can be presented with the means of humor. There are many ways to persuade people to buy your products. If you want to make a lot of appetite in them, you have to influence the emotions.

Color theory

The impact of colors is among the most popular elements of the e-commerce marketing strategy. Colors can really help boost sales on your website. Colors present your online shop as you express yourself with clothing and makeup. Combinations of colors and shades can be used as a means of expression. Studies have shown that some colors create a particular association, especially in context and in combination with something else. At the subconscious level, a person makes a connection between certain colors and emotions. Every color used in your website matters, from the background you choose, to the colors of the font and the content. Some examples of colors and their impacts are followed:

  • Black is absolutely not for sales. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is generally desirable to avoid excessive use of black on the website.
  • White is appropriate color for the background of the website as well as for cleaner designs. It is recommended that you do not overdo the white to avoid creating a too pale online shop.
  • Blue is among the most effective sales colors. It is the color that gains the trust of customers. It is suitable for advertisements, banks and websites for medical products and services.
  • Red is the color is associated with risk and danger. It is successfully used to attract attention.
  • Green is an Interesting color, which for many of us is associated with luck. It is successfully implemented on websites for healthy lifestyles, foods and related to nature and the environment.
  • Orange is the color that relates to family and holidays. Apply it in combination with brown and gold to create a more welcoming and festive mood.
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