Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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Semisynthetic motor oils are an intermediate between petroleum and synthetic oils, as they consist of their individual elements. The composition of semi-synthetic oils allowed to combine the best performance characteristic of mineral oils and synthetic, which ultimately allowed to create a product with excellent performance and low cost.

Today, semi-synthetic oils are called a fairly large group of oils, including synthetic, which differ significantly from each other, but the main criterion characteristic of mineral oil, semi-synthetic or synthetic, is the basic basis, and not the presence of certain additives.

Characteristics of semi-synthetic oils

The main indicators of semi-synthetic oils are:

– low evaporation;

– high viscosity index;

– cleanliness of the engine after its use, even in hot climates.

Based on the characteristics of semi-synthetic oils, it is easy to come to the conclusion that in conditions of severe winters, its use is not desirable. It is not recommended to use it in conditions of tough car operation.

A large number of brands of semi-synthetic motor oils, designed for use in both gasoline and diesel engines, have been created. When choosing an oil, you need to take into account many parameters, but make a start, first of all, from the actual operating conditions of the equipment, as well as from the degree of deterioration of the engine.

Transition to semi-synthetic engine oil

The use of this or that type of oil has its own characteristics, therefore, when switching from mineral or synthetic oil to semi-synthetics, the driver must take several points into account.

When changing mineral oil to semi-synthetics, the following is observed:

– semi-synthetics is characterized by a high degree of viscosity;

– semi-synthetic prevents accumulation of deposits on the engine parts, leaving them completely clean;

– semi-synthetic oils have low volatility and high stability, which leads to economical fluid flow;

– in semi-synthetic oils, the cost is higher than that of mineral oils.

When comparing semi-synthetic oil with synthetics, the following differences emerge:

– synthetic oils have to be changed less frequently;

– under normal loads, the engine shows stable operation regardless of the type of oil, during hard operation, for example, when starting the engine during the cold season, semi-synthetics may fail.

Where are semi-synthetic motor oils used?

Semi-synthetic oils are still in the shadow of mineral and synthetic. This is due to the fact that other types of oils have better properties, and most likely the fact that drivers are not accustomed to it, and when choosing oil, they prefer either high quality or low cost.

Semisynthetics are ideal for those who decide to switch from mineral oil to a higher-quality product, while for a worn out engine, the use of synthetics can lead to negative consequences, as it can leak out worn glands through microcracks.

Rescues semisynthetics and in those cases where an oil change is urgently required, but there is no necessary brand and there is no possibility of flushing the engine.

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