SEO for Blog: The Basic Guide for Beginning Bloggers

Learning how to do external SEO blog is much simpler than it seems. That’s why, all wants to know the fundamentals so that they can get into SEO in the simplest way possible.

I do not understand SEO

That (bad) first impression, It is because many of the specialists who write about this, imply that one already “knows something” about the subject, or that he is an expert in blogging, in HTML, or that he is a super geek with wisdom to process big data, but it is far from the reality.

What is SEO Actually?

SEO has the full meaning as Search Engine Optimization. In here it would be:  optimization for the search engine.

How does it Work?

So that Google or other search engines can return to the user results that are really useful and relevant to him, they use “spiders” or “spiders” that go out to investigate and analyze each of the web pages to choose those that are high quality and adjust to the search that is being carried out at that moment.

The search engine algorithm weighs the relevance and popularity of the content (among dozens of other factors) and accordingly ranks it and returns the results of the search in the form of a list, the first being the most popular, appropriate, in synthesis: the best.

The user trusts the intelligence of the engine and understands that he will have more luck when he clicks on the first link, than on the tenth of the list, which for those of us on the other side of the wall, is the great fear and challenge to overcome.

Why learn about SEO?

So that the contents of your blog are ranked number one in the search engine results list.Why is it important to be ranked number one in Google search results? Because it means two very important things:

That you are very good at writing and that people really consider that your content is valuable.

What can you do (a lot) more money? It is crude, but it is real. If you are ranked number one or close, you are more likely to click on the link, which means much more traffic, much more potential customers, subscribers, sales,sponsors, advertising etc.

 On-page optimization:

It is all you can do on your page or article to optimize it and allow the spiders to find it, analyze it, and have the search engine position it in a good position in the ranking of results related to the topic or keyword of your post.
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